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Driver Booster 11 Key – Free License – Keep your PC drivers up-to-date

Driver Booster Key is an exceptional software tool designed to keep your PC’s drivers up-to-date, ensuring that your hardware runs at peak efficiency. This comprehensive solution maximizes the performance of your computer, making it ideal for everything from online gaming and work to everyday web browsing.

IObit Driver Booster Pro Pre-Activated + Keygen Free Download

This software boosts your computer’s performance by enhancing the effectiveness and connectivity of its hardware, resulting in faster and smoother operations. The automatic update feature is a major time-saver, simplifying the process and sparing users the effort of manual updates. Despite the complex functionality, the application includes special features and a robust scanning option that adeptly finds the right drivers for any device. Sometimes, PCs develop urgent issues that can hamper performance; this program is equipped to quickly identify and fix these problems, ensuring your computer runs optimally.

The application offers two modes: manual and automatic. In manual mode, it operates based on user commands and specific settings chosen. The automatic mode, however, is more sophisticated and user-friendly. It intelligently recommends the best drivers that are well-suited for your device, promoting better performance. An essential feature of this software is its comprehensive driver backup system. This feature is invaluable for any device, allowing users to create a backup of drivers that can be stored and accessed later. This backup is especially useful in situations where driver issues cause device malfunctions, helping to restore functionality without any hassle.

IObit Driver Booster Pro With Pre-Activated Full Version 2024

Driver Booster Pro’s full version comes with an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for users of all technical levels to keep their drivers up to date. The program provides comprehensive information about your current hardware and the latest available driver updates, enabling you to make well-informed decisions about which updates are necessary. Without current drivers, you might experience stuttering, crashes, and poor performance in graphics and audio. This software ensures that your gaming and multimedia experiences are as smooth as possible by keeping your GPU and sound drivers updated.

Iobit Driver Booster Pro 11 Pre-Activated 2024 presents a detailed list of all your drivers, indicating how old they are and whether they need to be replaced. With any new software installation, security is a major concern. Thankfully, this application includes strong security measures to protect your files and minimize the risk of software crashes. Particularly after installing a new Windows system, you may notice issues with graphics and image quality due to outdated drivers. Updating these drivers is essential to ensure that your system performs well and displays graphics correctly.

IObit Driver Booster Pro With Pre-Activated Download [Latest]

Driver Booster Pro License Code 2024 offers a solution to speed up your PC by scanning for outdated and ineffective drivers. By optimizing the driver installation process with safe, multiple setups, users can enjoy a noticeable boost in system stability. Simply download the application and benefit from the enhanced performance it brings to your device. Leveraging an extensive cloud library, Driver Booster excels in identifying and updating old drivers swiftly and efficiently. It’s a powerful tool that not only detects outdated drivers but also repairs or replaces corrupted or faulty ones. As a result, your PC’s performance improves significantly once the drivers are updated.

Driver Booster is well-known for its ability to automatically update PC drivers from a wide range of sources. It quickly pinpoints drivers that are out-of-date and needs refreshing, managing updates through a robust database to ensure your system runs optimally. With over three million latest drivers in its database, it keeps your system up to date and functioning smoothly. This application is particularly useful for professionals whose software may not perform optimally due to outdated drivers. With Driver Booster, updating these critical components becomes straightforward, ensuring all kinds of Windows systems, especially those running Microsoft’s latest releases, operate without a hitch.

IObit Driver Booster Pro + Pre-Activated Full Version [Updated]

IOBIT Driver Booster Pro Key 2024 + Pre-Activated is a robust and specialized software designed to keep your computer’s drivers up to date. This program excels in identifying any outdated, missing, or corrupt drivers across a wide range of categories, including gaming components. Its main goal is to update these drivers to prevent potential damage to your hard drive, avoid system instability, and ensure maximum protection against vulnerabilities.

The software supports thousands of different hardware devices, ranging from internet connections to processors and audio systems. With such comprehensive coverage, it guarantees that your computer will always operate smoothly and efficiently.

What sets this program apart is its impressive ability to clean up and replace ineffective drivers, which can boost your PC’s performance significantly. IOBIT Driver Booster Pro can update over 30 million drivers, effectively spotting and rectifying problematic drivers. Additionally, it continuously enriches its database with essential and updated drivers that enhance your overall computing and gaming experience. This proactive maintenance helps keep your system in top shape, avoiding any hardware-related issues and ensuring that your games and applications run flawlessly.

IObit Driver Booster Pro Features key:

  • Driver Booster is a comprehensive program that supports a wide array of hardware components, ensuring they remain updated with the latest drivers. Its continuously refreshed database keeps your system aligned with the newest releases, which helps enhance your PC’s performance and stability.
  • The software prioritizes security by sourcing drivers only from trustworthy and certified suppliers. This careful selection ensures that the updates are not only relevant to your specific setup but are also safe, reducing the risk of system crashes and instability.
  • To serve a diverse global user base, Driver Booster includes multilingual support. It delivers quick and efficient driver updates, which reduces system downtime and allows for faster downloads, saving you valuable time.
  • The program extends its language support to reach a broader audience and enables the simultaneous updating of all system drivers, speeding up the process. Driver Booster accesses a vast online database that includes everything from commonly used to rare drivers, ensuring your system can find and install whatever it needs without hassle.
  • One of the key features of Driver Booster is its ability to automatically create backups for all system drivers. This is particularly useful for gamers, as the software updates gaming-related drivers to prevent game lags and improve overall performance. The software also troubleshoots and fixes common issues that cause system slowdowns, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Driver Booster allows for easy upgrades, adding new features without the need to uninstall and reinstall the software. It provides continuous support to help users resolve any issues they might encounter. This proactive approach also includes automatic checks for missing updates, safeguarding your system against potential hardware failures and other damages.
  • The program comes packed with a suite of high-performance drivers, ensuring optimal functionality of connected devices. If an update inadvertently causes issues, you have the option to roll back to a previous state using the software’s restore function. Additionally, Driver Booster optimizes software settings to enhance the gaming experience, particularly useful when you install new games.
  • What makes Driver Booster unique is its portability and daily scanning capability, making it an invaluable tool for maintaining your PC’s health. The software gives you the flexibility to install updates one by one, keeping your system up-to-date with the latest improvements, including those in the Microsoft games section.
  • In summary, Driver Booster is an essential tool that prevents hardware failures and enhances system performance. It simplifies the update process, allowing you to choose which updates to install and which to skip, thereby customizing your update experience and ensuring your PC runs smoothly.

Driver Booster 11 Pro License Key For 1 Year (Updated – Tuesday, 9 May 2024)

For those looking to upgrade their DRIVER BOOSTER PRO to the latest version, here’s a new license code for a 1-Year Subscription:

License Code: F5C32-0F572-0EAC3-6BD4A

It’s also worth noting that other serial keys for DRIVER BOOSTER PRO, specifically for versions 11 and 10, are available and have been shared by users online. Here’s a new arrival code that promises to fully activate the Pro version:

New Arrival Code: 84874-0B0E0-F3C31-CD6BA / E3C3B-F91D5-86305-5B7BA

This serial key is valid until December 23, 2024. Please note that while these keys are widely shared and used, their source is users and various online platforms, so their effectiveness and security cannot be guaranteed. Always ensure you’re obtaining software and keys from reputable sources to protect your system and data.

Most working: 3A510-22846-3DB04-D6A4A for v11.4.0.57

Working for Current Version 11.2 & 11.3D5AE6-A6BDE-22457-4CE4A

Working for Old Version 11.1: F5C32-0F572-0EAC3-6BD4A

New Product Code: 065D9-9B7B9-4995C-BFF4A (Expiry- May 02, 2024)

  • #1: 5BA57-82B0B-1AA25-C3540 (Valid till June 10, 2024)
  • #2: 07CB7-C38C6-5B122-05440 (Valid till April 11, 2024)
  • #3: 40BAA-6EA71-D39F1-A1540 (Valid till Mar 01, 2024)
  • #4: 4A833-0FF38-A2F7E-42840  (Valid till April 04, 2024)
  • #5: 344F3-D086F-EF7AD-8FA40 (Valid till April 04, 2024)
  • #6: A0A16-20282-80DE4-0664A (Freshly Added)

For users seeking to activate the latest version of DRIVER BOOSTER PRO, version 11.2, here is a free working product key that is available for limited users:

Product Key: 92909-C76CB-E8C6A-E5E4A

Should you encounter an issue where the key is reported as not working in your region, there’s a workaround you might try. Deleting the “Lang.dat” file in the program’s installation folder can sometimes resolve this issue, allowing the key to activate properly.

Please note: This advice involves modifying program files, so proceed with caution and ensure that you understand the steps you’re taking. If you’re unsure, it may be safer to seek assistance from someone more familiar with handling software installations or from official support channels. Always ensure your sources for such keys and software modifications are trustworthy to avoid any security risks to your system.

Driver Booster 11.1 License Codes:

  • N0ERN-G2887-B0V0L-UU58A
  • 4LWQF-35J36-FM1A1-SBQP9

These given keys works on Driver booster v10.5 perfectly!

Unused Driver Booster 11 Keys

  • 03CJY-7YP8N-M6T5V-YGY62
  • 548XS-XIRR2-571IT-NC02G
  • 6S9LT-LJFSQ-6U263-BNO23
  • SXIRR-2571I-TNC02-G03CJ

[100% Working] Driver Booster 10.6 Pro License Codes-

633AE-5926A-BB504-ED840 (256 Days)


7A4A7-27FA2-BBDDB-CBE40 (328 Days)


3326C-4EAD0-A9290-EB740 (328 Days)


19AF0-E05BA-7613D-A2F40 (328 Days)


07CB7-C38C6-5B122-05440 (335 Days)


EC714-E8FD8-CCB79-19140 (328 Days)


75B6C-62FB7-3A9A3-69740 (285 Days)

New Driver Booster 11 Pro License Key for 3 Pc’

  • 7FQR6-VK9PW-H8WH8-78XRX
  • 3474T-ZAMTQ-Q725Z-UHL35
  • E94PS-DL4DK-6N5V3-XJJ8K
  • P8SEZ-AMZ55-9PX5R-EV6M4
  • 2ZBT9-8BGX8-9499M-NQQMV

If you are looking to activate DRIVER BOOSTER PRO Version 11.0 and need a license key for 1-year support, you can use the following key:

License Key: N5EB2-985MQ-WKPAU-PFKVS

Free Driver Booster 11 Pro Serial Key for 1 Year –

  • 885C5-CFB5A-C678C-96D40

AMELG-EEGK8-NQYEG-MV8H3 (365 days)

HNWCS-ZY38K-4B3WS-6DCVV (360 days)

27KAA-56VKD-CA27F-8QCZ8 (360 days)

8E3J6-46EEY-HSLSL-MNTXS (365 days)

CUQH4-6CUE2-5TRMZ-F466N (360 days)

Driver Booster 11 Pro 2024 Free Activation Codes

  • D65VB-XT378-9SWX3-28RSG
  • S7TGP-V3N5Z-6PMX3-E6Y5P
  • 7BLS2-58MFV-2VZLW-CC5B3

What’s New:

  • The latest driver updates are designed to enhance the performance of devices, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency. These updates provide users with the ability to customize settings according to their specific project needs and professional activities.
  • For devices suffering from outdated or malfunctioning drivers, this solution is ideal as it effectively addresses and resolves such issues. The software supports all versions of Windows and comes equipped with a comprehensive collection of drivers aimed at boosting professional productivity.
  • An automatic scanning feature is included, which efficiently searches for and identifies the best drivers for your device. Additionally, a backup and restore tool is integrated, allowing users to safely store drivers for use in emergency situations, ensuring continued perfect operation.
  • Installing new Windows is often crucial for achieving smooth and reliable performance, particularly for professional tasks, but it necessitates timely driver updates. This program simplifies the process with an easy-to-use dashboard that enables users to scan for drivers with a single click, offering quick and efficient results.
  • The software also has capabilities to address and fix other related issues, enhancing device speed and helping users achieve their professional objectives more effectively. The latest release has improved the accuracy of driver detection to ensure that the correct drivers are installed for specific devices.
  • Enhancements in the scanning process allow for quicker and more effective identification of outdated or incorrect drivers. The program has also increased its focus on hardware integrity to ensure that driver updates do not compromise device reliability.
  • User experience has been enhanced with a modernized user interface and graphic design. Additional security measures have been implemented to protect user data and ensure that updates are authenticated and verified before installation.
  • The software now includes immediate system monitoring tools that accelerate the process of finding and downloading the latest drivers. The installation process has been streamlined, making it quicker and easier for users.
  • Regular updates are provided to keep the software current with the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements have been made based on user feedback, improving overall product stability.
  • The optimization features now offer enhanced customization, allowing for smoother operation with fewer delays and higher frame rates. Compatibility has been expanded to include the latest hardware, such as advanced network adapters, processors, and multimedia devices.
  • Finally, improvements to the restoration and backup system make it easier to revert to earlier software versions if necessary, ensuring greater flexibility and reliability.


Is Driver Booster 11 Pro compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, Driver Booster 11 Pro works well with Windows 11, so you should have no trouble using it on that operating system.

How do I activate my Driver Booster 11 Pro license?

To activate your license for Driver Booster 11 Pro, simply open the application, click on “Enter Code,” and then type in your valid license key. This will unlock all the Pro features for you to use.

Can I use one license key on multiple computers?

No, each license key is intended for use on a single computer only. Attempting to use the same key on multiple devices can result in activation problems.

What happens after my Driver Booster 11 Pro license expires?

Once your license expires, you will lose access to the Pro features. To continue enjoying the premium benefits, you’ll need to renew your license.

Security First

Your safety is our priority. Dive into our comprehensive security measures and privacy policies designed to protect your data and ensure the integrity of your system.

Embrace the Future

Keep ahead of the curve with Driver Booster 11 Pro’s ongoing updates. Enjoy continual improvements and adaptations as technology advances.

Your Journey Starts Here

Begin your enhanced computing experience with Driver Booster 11 Pro. Discover a smoother, faster, and hassle-free performance, perfect for both casual users and tech enthusiasts.


Driver Booster 11 Pro is your ultimate tool for boosting your PC’s performance through streamlined driver management. It tackles common system issues, guarantees compatibility, and elevates your computing experience. With features like cloud-powered updates, an enhanced game mode, silent updates, and more, it’s an essential for anyone looking to optimize their digital journey. Stay tuned as I will soon share keys for versions 11.4, 11.5, and beyond. Experience the full potential of your PC with Driver Booster 11 Pro.

Download Now

Activate Driver Booster 11 Pro With Free Activation Codes:

To get started with Driver Booster 11 Pro, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Setup: Go to the official website and download the setup file for Driver Booster 11 Pro.
  2. Install the Software: Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install the software on your computer.
  3. Open Driver Booster 11 Pro: After installation, launch the program and click on the “Enter Code” option.
  4. Enter License Key: A pop-up window will appear asking for a license key. Enter one of the Driver Booster 11 Pro license keys provided in this guide.
  5. Activate: Click on the “Activate” button to complete the process.

That’s it! You’ve now unlocked the full capabilities of Driver Booster 11 Pro, ready to enhance your PC’s performance.

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